• SF6 insulated environment
  • Single phase
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
Safety Features:
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-explosive
  • No Oil to Check or Replace
  • No Oil Leakage

Product Info

The RS21 on-load tap changer is a single-phase design developed by Elprom Heavy Industries according to specifications from the Korean Electric Power Corporation. Over 250 units have been in operation in SF6 insulated power transformers in the KEPCO grid in all major Korean cities since 2005.

The SF6 gas is well-known for its dielectric properties and is widely used in underground substations, densely populated cities, mission critical substations, and offshore substations minimizing the risk of fire, explosions, and contaminating leaks, which the traditional oil-insulated gear is prone to. Gas-insulated electrical gear is also more resistant to the effects of pollution and climate, as well as being more reliable in long-term operation because of its controlled operating environment.

Technical Data

Rated currents 310А-single phase
Rated voltage 72,5kV
Step voltage 1200 V
Connection diagrams reverse change-over selector
Number of steps up to 23
Carrying flange shape elliptic
Standard IEC/IEEE 60214-2
Selector switch insulation level L

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