Testing & Certification

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The quality management in Elprom Heavy Industries is performed according to the certified under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Quality control includes:

Incoming control of materials and accessories
The company owns specialized laboratories for physical, chemical and insulation tests.

Control during the production process
Performed according to a quality plan by qualified personnel with specialized measuring equipment. 
Final control
100% of the tap-changers produced are tested according to IEC 60214.

Type and special tests
They are performed during implementation of a new type tap-changers, and also every 5 years. Tests are carried out in ISO 17025 accredited company laboratory. Accreditation certificate No. A295/12.10.2022 according to ISO 17025 with scope specified in Order No. A598/12.10.2022 (you can find them on our page).