RSV 9 and RSV 9.3 SERIES



  • Single and three phase
  • Long operational life
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of applications

Product Info

The RSV9/9.3 on-load tap changer is our most diverse and varied vacuum design. It is a single and three phase vacuum type tap changer with a wide range of voltage and current variants. The RSV9/9.3 is a reliable and widely used tap changer and the most popular for transformers of the medium power range. 
The RSV9/9.3 guarantees low maintenance costs and long intervals between required inspections. The RSV9/9.3 is designed, manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the International Standard IEC 60214-1.

Technical Data

Rated current three phase (A) 400, 550, 700 - three phase design for regulation at neutral point
Rated current single phase (A) 400, 550, 700, 1200 and 1500 - single phase design for all connection diagrams
Rated voltage (kV) 72,5; 123; 170; 245 and 300
Step voltage (V) Up to 3500
Connection diagrams With and without coarse and reverse change-over selector
Number of steps Up to 35
Carrying flange shape Round
Standard IEC/IEEE 60214-1
Selector switch insulation level K, L, M, N and P

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