• Three phase 
  • High current (1200 A)
  • Vacuum interrupters

Product Info

The RSV6.3 on-load tap changer is a three phase tap changer in vacuum technology for high voltage high current applications. The RSV6.3 tap changer is the choice for transformers of the high power range in use in transmission and distribution grids.

The RSV6.3 follows the requirements of the International Standard IEC 60214-1 and various local standards. The design allows for a high level of customization according to customer specifications.

Technical Data

Rated current three phase (A) Up to 1200 - three phase design for regulation at neutral point
Rated voltage (kV) 41,5; 72,5; 123; 170; 245 and 300
Step voltage (V) Up to 2500
Connection diagrams With and without coarse and reverse change-over selector
Number of steps Up to 27
Carrying flange shape Round
Standard IEC/IEEE 60214-1
Selector switch insulation level K, L, M

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