• Unique three phase design
  • Compact for its function
  • Vacuum interrupters

Product Info

The RSV5.3 is a unique three-phase Elprom design with vacuum interrupters. It is the solution for transformers with special power requirements for industrial enterprises.
The RSV5.3 tap changer combines the advantages of the RS5.3 design with vacuum technology. The RSV5.3 is a single compact solution that performs the role of a whole set of single-phase tap changers in various industrial applications where it provides the required reliability, ease of maintenance and long operational life. It is designed, manufactured, and tested for maximum currents meeting and exceeding the requirements of the International Standard IEC 60214-1.

Technical Data

Maximum rated current (A) 1250 A - three-phase design for delta connected windings
Highest voltage for equipment (kV) 36 - full insulation between phases of delta connected windings
Step voltage (V) 1000
Connection diagrams With and without coarse and reverse change-over selector
Number of steps Up to 27
Selector switch insulation level K, L
Carrying flange shape Round
Standard IEC/IEEE 60214-1

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