• SF6 insulated environment
  • Switching in vacuum interrupters  
  • Three phase design
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
Safety Features:
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-explosive
  • No Oil to Check or Replace
  • No Oil Leakage

Product Info

Elprom’s solutions for SF6 gas insulated transformers are serving Korean market since 2005. After successful business with Korean utilities for more than 15 years our designers consistently seek advanced solutions to serve the power industry. With a legacy of developing cost-effective and reliable solutions, we proudly introduce the addition of RSV 22 in our SF6 gas insulated family of On-Load Tap-Changers featuring cutting-edge vacuum technology. 

Advantages of RSV 22 over RS21. 

Unlike the RS21, the RSV22 is a three-phase OLTC, offering significant advantages:

- Prime Cost Reduction: The use of one three-phase OLTC significantly lowers the prime cost of the transformer. 

- Minimized Downtime: Reduced downtime during equipment inspection enhances operational efficiency.

- Lower Maintenance Costs: Maintenance expenses are minimized due to fewer parts procurement and reduced service engineer costs.

- Reduced Transformer Dimensions: The compact design of the RSV22 decreases the overall dimensions of the transformer's main tank.

This gives you.

  a)          Smaller transformer body, which translates to lower construction costs.

  b)         The compact size of the transformer minimizes transportation expenses.

  c)          The smaller footprint of the transformer requires less space for installation.

2. Benefits Vacuum Technology

   a)        Vacuum technology ensures longer contact life by effectively extinguishing arcs.

   b)        Vacuum interrupters are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable, unlike SF6 and oil.

Elprom's RSV22 OLTC is a revolutionary product designed to meet the evolving needs of the power industry. Its innovative design, cost-effectiveness, and environmental benefits make it the ideal choice for modern power systems. Embrace the future of power solutions with Elprom’s RSV22 OLTC and experience the advantages of cutting-edge technology combined with sustainable practices.

Technical Data

Rated current three phase (A) 400
Rated voltage (kV) 72,5 
Step voltage (V) 1200
Connection diagrams Reverse change-over selector
Number of steps Up to 23
Selector switch insulation level L
Carrying flange shape Round 



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