• Arcing in vacuum
  • Compact and light
  • Long life and low maintenance

Product Info

The RSV12 on-load tap changer is a variant of the RS12 design with vacuum interrupters. The RSV12 is the best solution for small to medium sized power transformers in grid or industry applications. The compact and light design helps to reduce the transformers size and weight while the vacuum technology guarantees long operational life and low maintenance requirements. The single compartment allows for easier and lower cost maintenance.
The RSV12 is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the International Standard IEC 60214-1.

Technical Data

Rated current (A) 200, 400, 600
Rated voltage (kV) 41,5; 72,5; 145
Step voltage (V) Up to 2000
Electrical endurance 800 000 switching operations
Switching operations till inspection 300 000 switching operations
Number of steps Over selector 12/23
Standard IEC/IEEE 60214-1
Height of OLTC for three phases (mm) h = 1657÷2205
Rated switching power (kVA) up to 1200 
Mechanical resistance 1 200 000

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