RS 5 and RS 5.3 SERIES



  • Three phase
  • Compact for its function
  • Reliable and low maintenance

Product Info

The RS5/5.3 on-load tap changer is a unique three-phase Elprom design in oil technology. The RS5/5.3 tap changer is well suited for transformers with special power requirements.
The RS5/5.3 is a single compact solution that performs the role of a whole set of single-phase tap changers in various industrial applications. It is designed, manufactured, and tested for maximum currents meeting and exceeding the requirements of the International Standard IEC 60214-1.

Technical Data

Rated current three phase (A) 200, 400, 630 and 1250 - three phase design for delta connected windings
Rated voltage (kV) 41,5 and 72,5 - full insulation between phases of delta connected windings
Step voltage (V) Up to 3000
Connection diagrams With and without coarse and reverse change-over selector
Number of steps Up to 27
Selector switch insulation level: K, L
Carrying flange shape Round or elliptic
Standard IEC/IEEE 60214-1

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