• Mounted on the cover
  • For 2 parallel branch windings
  • Long operational life
  • Low maintenance

Product Info

De-energized tap changers are used for voltage regulation of oil-immersed transformers within certain limits. The required winding taps must be set with the transformer switched off.
The PBVE series of de-energized tap changers is designed mainly for transformers with two parallel branch windings and is mounted on the cover of the transformer. It includes two main types - PBVE01 and PBVE02, which are designed, manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the International Standard IEC 60214-1.

Technical Data

Rated current (A) 200, 400, 630, 1000  for a single current carrying path
/up to 2x1000 in transformers with 2 parallel current carrying paths/
Rated voltage (kV) – three phase 24; 41.5; 72.5; 123 and 170
Rated voltage (kV) – single phase 17.5; 24; 41.5; 72.5; 123; 170 and 245
Number of steps Up to 5
Carrying flange shape elliptic

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