Jun 2022

Retrofit solutions by Elprom Heavy Industries

A large number of power transformers still use tap changers from previous Hyundai series, such as RS2, RS3, RS4 and others, many of them in operation for more than 40-50 years. However, many of these tap-changers have reached the end of their service life and need to be replaced. Elprom Heavy Industries offers the opportunity to replace the old tap-changers with new ones, both with vacuum interrupters and with arc quenching in oil. Moreover, the old tap-changers do not need to be of Elprom make but can be from any manufacturer on the market, existing or out of business.

The tap-changers from the best  selling RS9 and RSV9 series are specially designed to easily replace older company models without requiring changes to the transformer. OLTCs manufactured by Elprom can provide full compatibility regarding:

-  technical characteristics of the OLTC

-  shaft arrangements, pipes connection, etc.;

-  mounting dimensions of the OLTC;

-  electric circuits of MDU.

 Depending on the type of tap changer, it is possible to install on site with a minimum period of interruption of the transformer operation.

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