Feb 2024

On-Load Tap-Changers Training at Elprom Heavy Industries

Elprom Heavy Industries recently conducted an extensive week-long training program. Spotlighting the VOLTAP® On-Load Tap-Changer model RSV 9.3. The most sought-after variant of our vacuum-type on-load tap-changers series. Voltap® RSV 9.3 shines for its robust design and exceptional reliability in diverse weather conditions. 

In a bid to enhance the expertise in On-Load Tap-Changers (OLTCs) inspection and maintenance methodologies, Central Termica de Ressano Garcia S.A known as (CTRG Mozambique) sent their employees to get this specialized week-long training program at Elprom Heavy Industries Sofia, Bulgaria.

The program covered both theoretical and practical applications. Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the VOLTAP ® OLTC model RSV 9.3.

Topics covered in the theoretical session were:

  1. Brief introduction to the OLTCs and their types.
  2. Operation of the diverter switch and the selector switch.
  3. Insulation levels of the tap-changers.
  4. Differences between oil and vacuum models.
  5. Maintenance intervals.

Further to this, they also got insights into the maintenance protocols, testing procedures, and requisite tools for these tasks.

Understanding these aspects is crucial for professionals working with electrical systems.  It ensures the safe and efficient operation of the OLTCs and the transformers as well. It also helps in diagnosing and addressing issues promptly through effective maintenance and testing procedures.

In the practical phase of the training, participants were involved in hands-on inspection of OLTC model RSV 9.3 III and motor drive unit. 

The motor drive unit acts like a command executor for the tap-changers. It receives commands from other sources and drives the tap-changer. This seems to be very simple, but it contains all field control devices including relays, contactors, switches, and position transmitter modules. Proper operation of all of these field devices is compulsory for the long life of the on-load tap-changers and transformers as well. Being an active and driving part of the OLTCs, inspection, maintenance and testing of the MDU was also part of this training. 

Hands-on training provides an opportunity for the participants to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. The training also emphasized safety, efficiency, and optimal performance for the Power industry. The training was also a valuable opportunity for the attendees to familiarize themselves with utilization of advanced testing equipment available in Elprom's on-load tap-changers labs. The participants also got the chance to apply their gained theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting, and develop a deeper understanding of the on-load tap-changers. This was a chance for the participants to work closely with tap-changer seasoned professionals, gaining insights and best practices that may not be covered in traditional classroom settings.

Additionally, exposure to advanced testing equipment enhances participants technical skills and prepares them for the challenges they may encounter in the field.
Such training programs are an integral part of the employee’s development. This initiative not only deepens their understanding of the products they work with, but it also contributes to their professional growth and morale building.Elprom continues its legacy to empower young professionals and future experts in the tap-changers industry. Such training programs ensure that professionals stay at the forefront of technological advancements, and drive progress in the energy industry.

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